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The Administrator in Windows 10 11, and change Admin

As Microsoft confirmed a month earlier, Windows 11 was officially released on 5 October 2021. However, while there are lots of visual changes, Windows 11 should be an easy transition from Windows 10 for most people. Windows 11 is Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system. Few were predicting its arrival at the beginning of 2021, with Windows 10 previously described as “the last version of Windows”. As Panos shared in June, Windows is more than an operating system; it’s where we connect with people, it’s where we learn, work and play. We can’t wait to see what Windows 11 empowers you to do and create.

That’s IF you can get the printer to work – most inexpensive printers will not work. I use one as a Samba file server, use another for home theater – for streaming – but that is all. If anyone tells you that Linux is easy to use, they aren’t using it in the same ways we use Windows and Macs. In its present state, no way it can be a Windows replacement. It would have more than 1.x% market share of desktop usage. And no, Android is not desktop Linux, Chrome OS is not desktop Linux, so don’t go down that screwball rabbit hole as the fanboys like to do.

Managing accounts

There’s now a much-improved health check app found in Settings, where Windows 11 will recommend you to turn down the brightness for example, change the power saving mode of the battery and much more. There’s also an option to downgrade to Windows 10 if you are experiencing issues with Windows 11. This is available in the current Insider builds, but you can only do it within 10 days of upgrading your machine, otherwise a clean install has to be done in order to go to Windows 10. Just bear in mind that there’s still some confusion as to what these system requirements are due to a component called TPM .

  • Hybrid sleep and wake timers are in-built Windows features that help provide maximum power savings while ensuring that your PC stays updated with the latest information.
  • If you can’t change the user account name in Windows 10, create a new account with the name you want, and then delete the old one.
  • We’re working on a fix for an issue where the search box background in File Explorer might be the opposite color of your current mode.

But doesn’t offer any details as to exactly when. For those that do have access, Microsoft is encouraging users to share what they’d like to see in the widget or if they notice anything strange or unexpected. Select the audio device in the window and double-click to reveal its properties. Microsoft has dispatched an August 2022 software update for Windows subsystem update for Android on Windows 11. Although the update is rolling via all channels but it could only be accessed in the U.S. Company investigating reports of a few different apps having started crashing in recent builds.

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Touch and pen interactions blend into smooth animations in Windows UI and app UI. Smooth scrolling is now supported in Office and Microsoft Edge Canary and Windows UI like the Settings app. You can now use Windows Hello Facial Recognition from an external monitor with a camera and supports the feature when the laptop is closed.

A corrupt user profile will cause the computer to crash when you try to log in or open a Windows app. Sometimes, your user profile is also damaged by malicious codes or bugs. If you think this is the case, you should use a reliable antivirus to prevent this from happening. In order to fix your problem, follow the steps outlined below.

Of course, your experience could be completely different if Microsoft changes the way Widgets work by the time you read this. But here at the launch of Windows 11, when I hit the Widget key I’m greeted by a pane that slides out from the left. At the top of that pane are widgets that show data like the local weather, some current financial stock values, and my to-do list. I can move them around and change their size, remove them, or swap in new ones by opening the Widgets menu in the top-right corner, but right now there are only 9 available. At the same time, if you dig just a little bit behind the surface of Windows 11, you’ll find the familiar face of old Windows there to greet you.

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