The Board Curators

The Board Curators

THE BOARD CURATORS Program will demystify the process for
those who may have never thought they could serve on a board. And it
informs the attendees on how to go through it.

About the
board Curators

About the board Curators

We are The Board Curators — From our diverse experience as CEO’s, C-Suite and Senior leaders from The Fortune 20 to the  Russell 2000, worldwide leadership, spanning functions such as commercial, finance, law, compliance, supply chain and digital, across industries including healthcare, chemicals, manufacturing, technology and more, we were made for this moment! We help answer at this moment, the questions many senior executives, and especially  women and people of color have been asking for years…… ‘ what do boards actually do? ‘ ‘what does it mean to be board ready?’ ‘what does it take for me to be board ready?’ and more.
About The Board Curators

Company Overview

Curate: A verb. To select, organize, look after, and promote using professional or expert knowledge.

Our Mission​

The Board Curators unlock the mystery, provide practical knowledge, curate board readiness and enable connections required for senior leaders to ascend to the next level of corporate leadership and governance: The Boardroom. The Board Curators strive to expand boardroom diversity and enable company marketplace success.
About The Board Curators

Why The Board Curators?

For too long, getting the opportunity to serve on a board has been unavailable to most, limited to traditional leaders with specific corporate titles (CEO/CFO),  that are well connected, or are male and white. However, business results have shown that diverse teams and boards result in higher quartile business performance –innovation, profitability, and revenue – largely because of better decision-making, less groupthink than homogenous teams. Recent diversity disclosure and inclusion expectations from state and international goverments (California, Canada, Germany), institutional investors (State Street, Goldman Sachs), NASDAQ, and others are fostering a greater desire to seek diverse board candidates. We believe this is just the beginning of the board composition changes. We are The Board Curators – and are committed to helping those senior leaders who are curious about board service, and want to get curated to be ready to serve as a director of a public or private entity.
Board service can be in your Future – Join us as
We Curate You to Ready! 

Our Valued Clients

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About The Board Curators

What People say about The board Curators

C.E.O Broad Visions

It has been a great experience with The Board curators concierges. They have groomed our team of Senior Executives in a way that they are now much more prepared to take the challenges of their next level positions as the members of our Board.

NBEC  Executive

I gained a better understanding of compensation structures and several things I did not know about types of boards and "best fit" boards.

NBEC  Executive

I loved seeing Daphne and Nichelle lead this complex and daunting work with poise, confidence and expert knowledge! It was a win for me as a Black woman to experience your excellence

The instructors were fantastic!

The interaction with the Board Curator staff and the ability to have Q&A / Open Mic with them.

I feel I truly understand the nature of what a board does (and doesn't / shouldn't!) do

Salim Hasham Global Head Business Transformation Partnerships

I learnt more in terms of practical tips and strategies that I have from other materials and presentations. The faculty brought impressive experience, insight and an obvious passion to teach/help others. Please pass along my sincere thanks to all involved.

Our Commitment

At the end of our Curation process, the Client will: 

Understand what board service is.

Know if they are ‘ready now’ or ‘ready later’ for board service, and if they meet the general characteristics that are expected of board members.

Understand the general expectations of their role if they are a tech savvy board member.

Select which type of company/industry that captures (or doesn’t capture) their interest to serve.

Be prepared to re-describe themselves using sample bios and profiles on social media, elevator speech, etc.

Understand the process of board selection, including what they need to do to be considered.

Know what is required and will get "ready for the call".

Be taught (and/or coached) by an experienced board member.

Understand the various resources to further aid them in their networking, development and visibility.

At the completion of the Concierge interactions, coaching, and follow up, the Client will possess a more board-oriented mindset, compelling online and in-person presence, and recommended curriculum of organizations/courses/conferences to further enable readiness.

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