The Board Curators


Concierges possess the credentials, expertise, and experience to effectively coach clients who are seeking a governance role

Former / Current C-Suite or other Senior Executive of Public Corporation

Expertise may Include: Functional, Industry, Geographical, M&A, Digital, Transformation, Turnaround, etc.

Currently a Director of a Publicly Traded Company with annual revenue of at least $2 billion

Service on a public board for a minimum of 2 years

Committed to lifelong learning and staying abreast of governance trends and best practices

The Responsibilities Of The Concierge Include, But Are Not Limited to

  • Nurturing, coaching, and curating 'ready now' leaders, with a special emphasis on people of color, women, technologists, or other specialists on the art/ science of preparing to join a board.
  • Guide the Client through the self-learning modules
  • Review the material with the Client to enhance understanding
  • Complete the initial assessment questionnaire through Client interview
  • Assess the Client’s readiness to proceed from Stage 2--Consciously Unskilled to Stage 4—Unconsciously Skilled through completion of each post-test
  • Assist with preparation for board placement interviews with recruiters and board nominating committees
  • Be available for phone calls, virtual meetings, [and in person consultation] as feasible (1-2 per month during 6 month engagement)
At the completion of the Concierge interactions, coaching, and follow-up, the Client will possess a board-oriented mindset, compelling online and in-person presence, and recommended curriculum of organizations/courses/conferences to further enable readiness.

Concierge Interaction With Senior Leader Clients

Because Board Curators Concierge is a personalized educational program, the time commitment will vary depending on the aptitude, experience, and level of interest of the Client. For Concierge interaction with senior leader Clients, average elapsed time per Client is expected to be 6 months, However, additional time may be required by Client depending on the Client’s review of the self–learning modules and mastery of the content. Also depending on which Plan or Combination the Client selects –if selecting Concierge As a Service, for example, the time with the Concierge may exceed 6 months.

Our Coaches

Board Member:  AMN Healthcare, Barnes Group, Masonite International, Inc.
Board Member: Xerox Corporation, Element Solutions
Board Member, AMN Healthcare
Director, Elevate Credit (NYSE: ELVT). Strategic Advisor to startups and enterprises.

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